Vayeshev (#9)

The ninth reading from the book of Genesis is named Vayeshev (וישב), which means “and he dwelt.” The title comes from the first verse of the reading, which says, “Now Jacob [dwelt] in the land where his father had sojourned, in the land of Canaan” (Genesis 37:1). Despite the portion’s name and first verse, the story is actually about Jacob’s son Joseph and how he was removed from the land of Canaan and dwelt in Egypt. The narrative follows Joseph from Canaan to Egypt to prison. In addition, this week’s reading contains the story of Judah and Tamar.

The “story” over the next 3 weeks in The Torah is about Joseph and his time in Egypt.

Let, me STOP right here and tell you, again, why I am writing posts about The Torah. First, of all…..What is The Torah? The Torah is the first five books in the Bible. There is that number 5 again. The Torah is the story of Creation and “humanity’s role” in The Creation. It is presented here as a map. I was introduced to this map with a corresponding “key” of decoding and have been studying for over 12 years now.

Using the 3 wisdom levels of the Buddha….1.). I have become aware of The Torah. 2.). Have done some inquiry and have progressively widened and deepened what I understand. 3.). My direct personal experience of my awareness of The Torah has been a mix of Skepticism, Intrigue and Awe. I share what I know and I see regarding The Torah because I feel it to be relevant and potentially useful in our journey toward more expanded consciousness.

I recognize some of you may have little or no interest in The Torah or for anything associated with religion. I know some of you are attached to your current perspective on Scripture and anything religious. I am not an expert in the area. I am a student and a seeker of Truth. I think and I feel there is merit in at least looking at it. But, like anything we do in this group, if it is not for you then let it go and move on in your “pose.”

Back to The Torah. Egypt is code for EGO. The story is the story of the Israelites and their journey into captivity, their Exodus out of captivity and their search for “The Promised Land.”

That’s all for now…….

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