Beyond Mastery of Type 1 Diabetes

I think that mastering blood sugar control is a good and necessary step in the process of being a Type 1 diabetic.  In fact, if you can master blood sugar control then you have achieved a high summit in the climb to the top. But mastery is not the top.   Let’s step back and define mastery of blood sugar control.  For those of you who have Type 1 diabetes you know that it does not mean that you have normal blood sugar results at all times.  That is impossible, at least in my experience.  Mastery, in my opinion, is A1C readings below 7 with very few lows.  For those of you not aware of what an A1C is …it is a blood test that measures a person’s average blood sugar level for the past three months.  For a non diabetic the reading should be below 6.0.  This means the average blood sugar was 120.  An A1c between 6.0 and 6.5 is what I shoot for.  6.5 = average blood sugar of 136. Again,  I define mastery as anything below 7 which = 150.  Below 7 is the point at which most researchers are saying that risk of complications can be drastically reduced.  Anything above 7 means that more work is to be done before one can claim mastery.  But mastery over blood sugar control as a Type 1 diabetic is not the top of the mountain.  I have achieved consistent A1C results below 7 for 2 years now and I have begun the ascent upward.  I have used words such as conquer, liberate, heal, and triumph to describe this next step but none of them have captured the true essence of it yet.  I want to eliminate it as an issue for me to deal with at all.  Perhaps this is not possible but, nevertheless, I have decided to take the journey and check it out.  I know this much…….  There is climbing to be done above mastery.

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