Mastering Your Diabetes Assessment

So, I said in my last post that my next post would be an assessment of the 5 day training I participated in at the Diabetes Research Institute in Miami, Fl.  I have been struggling with writing it and have not decided on the approach I wish to take but I want to write this post so that I can move on.  I do feel a bit stuck after the course.  I learned some things and I was able to connect to others who are dealing with the disease but it seemed to end and did not have a sustaining effect.  I am sure that others at the course got a lot out of it as they were able to fill voids in what they did not know.  Nevertheless, I give the training an 8 out of 10.  It covered the foundational issues and offered advanced techniques in controlling blood sugars.  In addition, it had an effective psychological perspective built into it.  I believe that there is ongoing process of acceptance that is dealt with by the Type 1 diabetic.  Perhaps some experience it differently.  Perhaps some have the ability to go through the process and be done with it.  I Accept it! Period!  I seem to been unable to do that.  There remains remnants of not accepting it and wanting it to be otherwise.  To a large degree this has probably held me back.  However, a different perspective may see that this attitude may have steered me in a direction that has brought me here today.  I have always wanted to not have diabetes since I got it.  I guess one way to do that is to continue to search for a path that resolves my desire.  Perhaps this is the true path of healing, at least for me.  Anyways, I have done it.  I have written the assessment.  It is not the assessment that I thought I would write.  No, I thought I would write with more detail on this.

I feel it is time to move past the course.  In the end, I recommend this course for anyone with Type 1 Diabetes and family members.  It is tremendously informative and the people who run the course are good and compassionate people.  The course materials offer the best foundational springboard for anyone dealing with this disease who does not have a springboard in place.  The better the springboard the easier to get up on the high wire of blood sugar control.  Education and knowledge and skill development is critical.  But remember that you can only hold and utilize the knowledge and skills that you possess in the container that you have built to hold such thing.  Your container has several sides to it.  They are all made of thought and the final vessel is the combination and strength of those thoughts;  Your Attitude.  To become conscious of your current Attitude and to begin building a new vessel, if that is what you wish to do, then contemplate words such as …………..opinions, facts, beliefs, feelings, intentions, fears, strengths, weaknesses, needs, wants, expectations, desires, demands, fantasies, prejudices, habits and faith.  Till next time…….Michael

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