Polarity; An important perspective in understanding balance

As we have talked before, the objective in the game of conquering diabetes is to achieve blood sugar readings in a pre-determined desired range. It is a balancing act. Let’s step back for just a minute and look at the world around us. Anything that exists in our universe is seeking balance. Anything “out of balance” is considered, at best, not meeting potential or dysfunctional and, at worst, broken or dead. If one looks deeper at these “things” one starts to see that the way our universe(nature) achieves balance as by having two opposing(polar) forces at play. The atom itself has an electron and a proton. Two opposing forces that make the atom an atom. In electricity there is the positive pole and the negative pole. A circuit is created when these opposing forces interact in a balancing act that creates light in a light bulb via the resistor. There is good and bad, white and black, dark and light, male and female, republicans and democrats(lol) …..Yin and Yang…..
There are two polar forces working in the balancng of Type 1 diabetes. They are Insulin dosage and Carb/Fat gram ingestion. There are other influencing factors but these are the two main ones because of the absence of normally secreted insulin in the Type 1 diabetic. Greater certainty in achieving success in getting bg readings in the desired range is accomplished by reducing insulin dosage to the most minimum number through healthy eating, checking blood sugars atleast 10x per day, excercise, stress reduction and increasing overall health condition.

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