Fulfillment and Desire

Desire and Fullfillment. The Kabbalists say that “Fullfillment is the seed of Desire.” This implies that, in the context of time, Fullfillment precedes Desire. On a deeper, spiritual, metaphysical level it means that Fullfillment is the creator or originator of Desire. The Kabbalists describe Fullfillment as “The Light” and Desire as a kind of vessel or container. I reference Kabbalah because in all of the models used by religion, metaphysics, science and philosophy the Kabbalists offer an extremely profound and workable picture of existence; The mechanisms, rules and laws of our universe. Further significance is added to their model because cutting edge science in Quantum Physics and String Theory seem to run parallel to Kabbalistic “Technology.” I have added a link to a Kabbalah website that I have found useful. They offer many books and other resources if you wish to investigate their positions. The challenge in referencing Kabbalah is that it is associated with organized religion. Anything remotely associated with organized religion has become a non starter for a very large portion of our population and for those who are already associated with a religion it is an absolute non starter because it is not of their religion. Atheists, agnostics, and those that just despise organized religion have a firm belief that anything that involves the belief in God or a creator is pure poppy cock (if you have read this far you may not be one of them…lol). It is understandable that one should be cautious and even suspicious when entertaining thoughts, opinions, beliefs, views, etc. eminating from or associated with an organized religion or religious belief system. However, it is unwise to allow your own beliefs, conclusions, worldview and social positions to eliminate consideration of things of God and Religion. It is equavilent to putting blinders on. If you believe consideration of God or a creator is like discussing Santa Claus and his flying reindeer then you are way off course and need immediate help. It is True that all organized religion is apostate. But it is by degree and the true and meaningful purpose of things of God and Religion are inherent in those belief systems that are closer to this intention.

And I would humbly submit that a component of the purpose of things of God and Religion is to understand this always present, insidiously persistant, teasingly hopeful, seemingly infinite, deeply emotional and pulsatingly supportive interplay between Desire and Fullmillment. Every Religion deals with this dance between Desire and Fullfillment via their structures, rules, “laws”, sacraments, interpretation of scripture and rituals. Most organized religions have designed their “systems” just as an organization would by putting emphasis on profitability, sustainability and scalability. A religious organization, just like any other business organization, wants control over Fullmillment (supply) and wants to have influence over shaping Desire (demand). What do I desire? What should I desire? What shouldn’t I desire? How do I experience fullfillment? What do I need to do? What must I shouldn’t  do? What should I never do? What must I always do? What do I do when I make a mistake? What do I do when someone else makes a mistake? And Why?

So what about this interplay between Desire and Fullfillment? Does Fullfillment precede Desire? It sure does not seem that it does. I would think, if a poll was taken, most people would say that it is the other way around. But if it is true then most people have the understanding of “how it is” at a foundational level backward. This would certainly help explain the reason things are so chaotic. Ayn Rand said, “if you question your results then check your assumptions”? If Fullfillment precedes Desire then why does it seem as though we are chasing after it? Shouldn’t the fullfillment be a little easier to find?

Well, this is the mystery isn’t it? And that is where most intelligent people stop. I know so many people who have decided that the mystery is the mystery and they have no desire to pursue the questions it presents and they conclude it is not very wise to spend time seeking answers to questions that are either not meant to be answered or just will not be answered in our current state. Things of God and Religion are suppose to pursue these answers. The thing is that any religion that has been established has decided it has found the answers and has set up a system for you to bask in the light of Truth.

However, this is always pretty much bullshit for the interplay between Desire and Fullfillment takes place within each individual. It is personal. And to get to the place where one is truly “basking” one must become master of this dance. They are two seemingly oppossing forces. I believe that one tip or secret trick in learning the dance is to meditate on how the Kabbalist see it. Fullfillment came first! Why?

2 thoughts on “Fulfillment and Desire”

  1. This reminds me of the view that we are from source and our journey is to return to source. Fullfillment is our nature, but we are blind to it. The realization that being is perfection is enlightenment. But holding that while letting go of everything (or nothing as some might phrase it) is not trivial with desire/ignorance in the way. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Your welcome. Thank you for responding. I like the way you put it. Fullfillment is the source. It is the creator itself. Desire was created so that fullfillment could share/experience itself. The veil is in place. Many believe the veil is our desires themselves. But this cannot be so….not logical. It is ignorance, craving and aversion. The opponent is doubt itself. This is where faith comes into play. Not blind faith but rather the faculty of faith that each one of us can access based on direct experience.

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