Session “Three”

We completed our third and final session this past weekend. I like three sessions as an orientation type of ‘training.’

Three is the foundation. It is the formation stage of the process.

There are many areas in the yoga map. What most people think of as yoga (poses and movement and stretching) is but one step of one perspective in one area. Hatha Yoga is about movement and poses and breathing and all that. There is Jnana Yoga which is the accumulation of Knowledge, there is Karmic yoga – the path of action and Bhakti Yoga – the spiritual path of devotion.

We looked at the eight limbed path of Yoga……

Note that the poses – asana is the third limb of this path.

We looked at the chakra system……

And then brought is back to the duality of the two….

We inquired into a few yoga poses and a few pranayama exercises and sat in meditation practicing scanning the body at the sensation ‘level.’

This was an interesting series of sessions. I appreciated that we committed to three sessions. I look forward to the next step in this relationship.

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