The Battle For The Soul Redux

What do you mean? What battle?

Let’s use some of our “tools” we have been using in yoga, meditation and mapquesting sessions for confronting, exploring and understanding:

First, suspend belief and disbelief

Second, Remember that we receive “information” in three layers. Initially, something comes into our awareness. We hear about it or we read a book about it. Then, we may choose to pursue some intellectual inquiry about this thing. We talk about it, research it, try its ‘practices and techniques. And then we have a direct personal experience with this thing that has come into our awareness field.

Third, we learn through metaphor…..After receiving the perspective offered then compare it to other maps we have experienced. For example, can you locate where the ego lives in the Vipassana technique? Is it in the realm of consciousness? Perception? Sensation? Reaction? The Physical?

Listen to this short video. I have attached the other video he was referring to from the movie Revolver. He is talking about Ego.

The battle is within. The Ego seeks pleasure and avoids pain. If you allow the ego to run free then the momentary reactions of liking and disliking will create formations (Sankharas) of craving and aversion. These creations then mold a perspective through which consciousness flows.

The enemy has been located and he lies within.

Let the battle begin!

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