The Mer-Ka-Ba Lesson Two

Ok……I found it! I found a very effective video which introduces The Mer-Ka-Ba and which is an excellent training video for The Mer-Ka-Ba Activation Meditation.

I suggest on your first viewing that you establish a drishti (a soft gaze) as you watch. Allow your eyes to close every once in awhile. When he takes you through the 17 breaths he may spend a lot of time on one breath. I believe it is designed this way as to be more of an initial training endevour rather than a guided meditation per se. Although, it is certainly both.

I am committing to watching this video every day for the next 3 days after which I will find and share a more condensed version to practice for the next 18 days adding up to 21. This takes me right up Thanksgiving day

As some of you know….it was Thanksgiving day 1976 when I was discharged from the hospital after spending a week going through a process of bringing my blood glucose level down from a critically dangerous level.

I got my first “shot” of insulin. I remember to this day the first time I gave myself an injection. I was sitting with the nurse and threw my hospital robe to the side exposing my left thigh. I filled the syringe and stuck it in. I clumsily put my thumb on the plunger and squeezed. It burned going in. It stung for a minute or two. I felt desperate and afraid.

I was discharged in the afternoon around 4pm. It was dark and rainy and cold. A typical late November day in Rochester, NY. All the leaves were gone. My eyesight was blurry because of the high blood sugars and the traffic lights were merging together. We (I think it was my father and I) arrived at my Aunt Karen’s house….not far from the hospital and before us was all the food laid out for our annual Thanksgiving feast.

I was put on a strict diet at the hospital. I could have some turkey and maybe one warm biscuit and some green beans. No more sweet potatoes or apple pie or cherry pie or whipped cream for me……..or so I thought then.

Why do I tell you this?

It is because my biggest desire is to be done with this dis-ease. While diabetes has been a curse it has also been a blessing in that it motivated me to awaken to the spiritual path and to stay on it. I know that my experience with my physical condition has a spiritual seed. I also know that because of this I can cure it. And I know this because I have learned from The Kabbalists that…..”Fulfillment is the Seed of Desire.” In that quote is a secret and with this secret I move forward.

Ok. So I know everyone is dealing with a lot right now. We are all “in the weeds” at some level. Perhaps, this training is the one needed right now? Perhaps not.

I am looking for ten others who will join me….Michael

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